WODdoc Episode 251 Project365: Calf Care: Featuring Amy Mandelbaum

Popped in to see my good friend Amy Mandelbaum today. We have had her on an episode back in the day but if you don’t know her check out (here). Amy is a 3x Games masters veteran, super mom all star.

Anyway she was nice enough to jump in today’s episode (like she has a choice) as we covered calf maintenance and injury prevention. This is a good one to watch because my 6th sense is tell me box jumps are around the corner.

The thing about the calve is it takes just a beating. Forces applied through the calf (achilles tendon) can exceed 12x body weight. That’s a bunch so if we are not prepping those tissues correctly the forces can superceed the structural integrity of the tissue = injury.  Follow along with today’s prep and maintenance plan and you’ll be hopping around all day.. no problem!

Today’s WODdocket:


1. 2 mins / calf – double ball mash

2. 30 eccentric heel raises to a stretch / calf

3. 30 dynamic loads (the hops on the plates)

Perform Your Workout

4. Spend 2 continues mins in corner stretch / calf – to retain any tissue length gained during activity.