WODdoc Episode 252 Project365: Where Are Your Elbows During C2B

You know what they say … there is nothing better then the hair of the dog that bit you. Today we are revisiting chest to bar pull-ups (C2B). Hopefully by now you are all done having nightmares about them. Looking back at mine during 15.2 my big take away point was elbow. As I fatigued out in the later rounds (who am I kidding … the round of 12) I notice my elbows began tweaking out away from my body. This is a big no no.  Why? 1)  It’s not a stable pulling position for the shoulder (increased injury risk) 2) You’re at a decreased mechanical advantage (its literally a weaker position).  Don’t believe me…. go the the globo gym and get on the lat pulldown machine. Max out with your elbows tweaked out away from your body and than again with your elbows drawing in tight. If you don’t rip off your shoulder you’ll find out real quick which one is a stronger more efficient position.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 10 mins of C2B work using today’s cueing idea. Thinks elbows to back pockets!