WODdoc Episode 250 Project365: Improve Muscle Recovery By Using Kinesiology Tape

Most of us are not used to hitting max effort week-in / week-out so many of us will find it more difficult to recover as the weeks roll on. Of course rolling, mobilizing and performing active recovery exercises should be our primary means of recoup but there is additional things we can do in the interim. Application of kinesiology tape can have a positive influence on circulation…. how!?… This stretchy, sticky, therapeutic tape adhesives to the skin and provides a tenting or lifting effect. This tenting decompresses the surrounding capillary beds and makes it easier for fluid to travel out of the tissue. ¬†Picture blowing on the pages of the phone book and seeing them fluffed up afterwards. There is just more room between the pages.

Today’s WODdocket:

Practice applying kinesiology tape in a “basket weaving pattern as shown in today’s video.

First, measure and cut to length. Then, cut 4 tails as shown below with a base at the top.


Next break the backing between the sections marked 1,2,3 in the picture below. Peel the base (section 1) off and apply the base to the skin. Rub vigorously to activate the adhesive. Then, peel section 2 off and lay the tails down lightly. Now, hold on the tips of the tails (tabs marked 3) to lift and re-direct the tails to where you  want them. Finally, when the tail is in the correct location peel section 3 off and vigorously rub to activate the adhesive.



Apply 2 pieces in a basket weave pattern that should look like this.


Keep in for 3-5 days. Shower… shave.. bath… ……….. Take off if it becomes really itchy. Re-apply to similar but different location until muscle soreness alleviates.