WODdoc Episode 78 Project365: Muscle-Up Mobility Bar Stretch

I actually wanted to add this in yesterday but the video was getting to long. Again, we are talking about improving your muscle-up by improving your mobility. This stretch should be tacked onto yesterday’s episode where we mashed the humeral insertion of the pec, hit the coracobrachialis, and mashed some lat. All this with the intent of improving the bottom position of our dip and reducing the stress on the shoulder.

There are two positions for todays stretch. First position is performed with the palms up toward the sky. Palms up slacks the biceps and gives us a better stretch on the anterior deltoid, coracobrachialis, pec, and shoulder capsule.

The second position is palms down.  Palms down really emphasizes the stretch on the biceps but you still get a fare amount on the above mentioned structures.

In both positions it is imperative that we keep tension in our back and squeeze our shoulders back and down (military position).  Allowing anterior dumping is bad and will hurt our shoulder!

To increase stretch intensity move your hands closer together.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Bottom Dip Position

2. Muscle mash as shown yesterday on one shoulder only (pec, coraco, lat)

3. Stretch both positions are shown in today’s episode

4. Re-test bottom position of dip… Compare mash shoulder vs unmashed

5. Mash unmashed shoulder and re-test dip bottom position.