WODdoc Episode 77 Project365: Muscle-up Mobility

Still on muscle-ups today… One of the things I think is often overlooked for both injury prevention and just ability “to do” a muscle-up is mobility. Lets first talk ability… Take all you athletes out there that are right on the brink of completing your first muscle-up.  Imagine if you didn’t have to pull yourself up as high on the rings… would you be be able to transition over then???  Did I just loose you?  This is what I mean…. Athletes that are not as flexible in the shoulders naturally sit higher in the bottom of their dip.  If the bottom of your dip is higher,  you must pull yourself that much higher to transition into it.

Now lets talk safety… Athletes the lack external rotation while the shoulder is in a extended position will tend to wing their elbows out. This allows the shoulder to internally rotate and dump forward making it vulnerable to impingement.  Yes if you’re the person that is complaining of anterior shoulder pain after dips and muscle-ups… this is most likely you.

Let’s do some muscle mashin …

Don’t mash blind … know your anatomy

 Imagine the arm moving backwards.  You can see how that sucker can be a limiter.  Today’s mash is targeting the smaller insertion near the arm.

Highlighted above is the coracobrachialis. We focused on this muscle today because it directly influences limited shoulder extension in the deep bottom dip position.

Highlighted above is the latissimus dorsi. This is another important one because it is a internal rotator and adductor of the shoulder. A tight internal rotator/adductor will limit external rotation while the shoulder is in extension.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test bottom dip position.

2. Muscle mash : pec, coracobrachialis, and lat as shown. (2-4 mins each arm).

3. Re-test bottom dip position.