WODdoc Episode 218 Project365: Pain In The Butt

Today is an interesting topic but still a topic of great importance. We are talking about a pain in your butt. No, I don’t mean like when your mom is telling you to stop being a pain in her ass. I mean a actual, physical pain in your butt. It happens a lot more then you might think. Descending into a squat can place a lot of stress on your hip rotators. Like any muscles these guys can become overstressed and start barking. Next thing you know you’re limping around saying your back hurts because you don’t want to tell your buddies its actually in your butt crack.

Don’t Mash Blind … Know Your Anatomy

piriformis-lateral-rotator-hip-gluteal sacred-sacrum-nok-656x288

Above shows one of the muscles (piriformis)  that could be affected and replicate the pain stated above.  The picture to the right shows the positioning of your hip bones in relation to your body.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test squat

2. Follows todays mobility and perform bilaterally 2-4mins / side.

3. Retest squat