WODdoc Episode 170 Project365: Rope Climbing Styles

Today we are comparing and contrasting rope climbing styles.  There are 2 basic rope climbing techniques, the foot wrap and the J-hook. There may be others but I have never seen them so if you know of any give me a shout.

Pretty much all beginners start by using the “foot wrap style” of climbing. Why…? Because it’s more sturdy, easier to cinch, and takes less strength to hold.

As athletes progress and become more proficient they tend to move to the “J-hook” style.  J-hooking takes more strength and requires more energy but allows the athlete to ascend much quicker.

Tomorrow we are going to dive deeper into climbing strategies as we attempt to improve our climbing proficiency.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 5 rope climbs using each style (which one do you like… and why?).