WODdoc Episode 171 Project365: Rope Climbing Technique: Part 2

Yesterday we introduced the 2 styles of footholds for climbing ropes. Now that we have that under our belt I want to cover the basics of rope climbing. The one thing I see athletes do incorrectly all the time is they pull too much with there upper body. If you’re just starting out rope climbing, your hands are for holding… not pulling. Write this statement down….. your feet get you up the rope and your hands hold you there.  It’s common in the rock climbing world that women become technically proficient much quicker then men. This is because they can’t power through everything and must rely on there feet more. If you’re just learning how to rope climb think “girl rock climber.”

That being said your hands and arms are still important. So key points with your arms are:

1. Keep your elbows tight and pull them down to your chest (as you stand with your legs!!!).

2. Grip with your hands close together.


Here is the order I tell my athletes:  Reach – Hold – Cinch – Stand

That means, reach as high as you can…. grab the rope and hold it…. pull your knee up nice and high and cinch the rope (in either style as shown yesterday)… and stand up.  Repeat!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Practice some rope climbs really concentrating on standing and not pulling.

*** If you do not feel comfortable climbing yet. Strengthen your grip with exercises shown today. Complete 2 mins of various holds 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks and re-test climbing ability.