WODdoc Episode 196 Project365: Free-Standing HSPUs – Part II

In episode 194 we took the hardest part of the free-standing HSPU out… balancing in the handstand. Deleting this part allowed us to practice receiving ourselves back into the headstand more efficiently.  Unfortunately, we still need to be proficient in handstands to make this whole thing work. So today we are reversing the order and working from the ground up… beginning in the headstand and raising into the handstand.  The object is to transfer from headstand to handstand and see how long we can maintain the handstand.

Points to Remember…


  • When setting up in the headstand make a tripod with your hands.
  • Get comfortable in the “question mark position” knees to chest, feet together, torso rigid
  • Remember active hands

The Transition

  • Hips and arms extend together
  • Heels drive toward the ceiling
  • Active hands


  • Active hands
  • Rigid torso, squeeze your butt thigh and heels together.
  • The less moving parts the less to knock you off balance.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Spend 10 mins with this skill. Transfer from headstand to handstand and hold handstand as long as possible with re-adjusting (dancing) your hands around.  Kick down to feet and reset.