WODdoc Episode 215 Project365: Chill Out Your Arches

Our feet take a pounding… literally. Jumping, stopping, starting, even just the additional load placed on them during squatting activities. So it’s no wonder they bark every now and then. Where the trolls like to hide is in this tissue called the plantar fascia. Any part of the tissue can get riled up but it’s normally closer to the inside of your heel. I like to use a combination of ice and rolling to reduce any irritation post-workout. In today’s video we used this cool water bottle roller but you can also use any old bottle of water, just fill it up, leave some space on the top for expansion (yes water expands) and wait till its frozen.

Don’t Mash Blind… Know Your Anatomy



Not necessarily worrried about plantar fasciitis here.. just want to appreciate the anatomy.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Spend 2-4 mins/foot using frozen bottle to roll out plantar (bottom) surfaces of feet.