WODdoc Episode 216 Project365: Fix Back Pain By Improving Thoracic Extension

Spent the day in upstate New York at a recently opened box named Fiternity. This place was great. Super clean, really unique and had that modern feel to it. The box may be new but the coaches are veterans of crossfit.  Three of the coaches are former Games team athletes so needless to say coaching is top notch.

Today we are discussing the importance of thoracic extension. There are many ways that lack of thoracic extension can gunk up the works but today we are relating it to back pain. Lets look at basic biomechanics.  If we have reduced thoracic (mid back where the shoulder blades are) extension and we want to accomplish a task that requires us to go overhead then one of two things has to happen. Either we have to increase shoulder flexion/abduction or we need to increase low back extension. For today lets assume we are the person that constantly compensates by increasing extension through their low back. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this can soon lead to an over-stress injury.

Follow today’s 3 step process and increase your thoracic mobility.


Today’s WODdocket: 

1. 2-4 mins muscle mash thoracic region with arms overhead.

2. 50 double arm raises with PVC center at the apex of the curve of your upper back.

3. 3×5 quadruped thoracic rotations / side (hold 5th rep for 5 secs).