WODdoc Episode 235 Project365: Squatting Thoracic Mobility

Sometimes we’re stuck all by ourselves in the hotel room… no bands… balls… or rollers… What can we do??? Nope… exit mind from gutter and try again. We can discover interesting and fun, yet effect ways to mobilize. We’ve done a bunch of T-spine mobility over the last couple months because it’s something soooooo many of us lack due to the permanent chain that connects us to our computers.

I like this new mobility a lot. Been doing it for a while now when traveling and found it to be helpful in opening up the chest and back after after long hours working and traveling. ┬áReally like the wall part and how it makes it simple to standardize. ┬áI have another version I do in the box with a PVC pipe… will show that one another time. Until then give this one a try.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Overhead positon

2. 15 squatting wall twists / side (remember to look and breath).

3. Re-test OH position