WODdoc Episode 236 Project365: Squatting Case Study in Montreal

Last day up north before heading home.  I’ll been under the weather a bit and needed to finally get my ass in a box so I stopped by Crossfit Montreal this evening. Surprisingly there isn’t very many boxes in this relatively large city.  Friendly box … large box… bunch of members.  It has that original box feel with  homemade rigs (not Rogue stickers everywhere you look). Owner was a real great guy.. all and all.. great place.

Had something totally different on the plate today but when I introduce myself and talked about what I did I was immediately introduced to Phillip. He is that immobile guy we all have in the box. Great guy…. really nice of him to jump in on the video.

Today’s video doesn’t show anything the loyal followers haven’t seen before but what it hopefully does is give you a glimpse of how I put the puzzle pieces together.  We have a athlete that can’t squat to full depth. We unload the system and find his knees pass his hip crease perfectly fine (not mobility problem… stability problem). I support his low back (add stability to the movement) and he magically drops below parallel.  We take note that he squats with a very narrow stance…. test his adductors and find them to be very short (mobility problem). We mobilize using a 1/2 kneeing adductor mobilization.

We could of done several more things for Phillip but I really try and knock off the Mt. Everest of problems… then work down the chain. Phillips homework was 50 banded squats and 2 mins / leg of 1/2 kneeling adductor mobs for 8 weeks.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. If you have done this mobilities before spend 10 mins practicing them both.