WODdoc Episode 239 Project365: Open 15.1 Prep

The Open is here! Watch my tips and improve your open scores by optimizing your function to optimize your performance!


Pre-WOD Prep:

Super important to prime our system before attempting these exercises. You don’t want your first heart rate spike to be after 3…2…1… go. I suggest using a bike here to save your grip and and back but running is an option too.

  • 5mins: @ 50% effort
  • 2mins: 20sec 80-90% effort / 10sec slow intervals
  • Rest to catch breath
  • 1min: @ 90% effort
  • Rest / hydrate 10 mins before hitting 15.1

Overall Strategy:

1.  ***Turn AMRAPs into EMOMs***

  • What I mean by this is establishing a pace. Instead of just going for broke pick a realistic goal to compete one round. Something that you believe you and do several times. Then work on competing equal spits of those rounds (ex.  If I thought I could complete a round in 2 mins that would be my split)  If you come out of the gait super hard here don’t be surprised if your staring at the pull-up bar a bunch.

2. Rest Appropriately

  • Keep Calm – I know its the first event of the open but relax…………
  • Use transitions to rest
  • Rest upright – hunching over doesn’t allow your diaphragm to drop and your lungs to expand.
  • Breath during exercise

3. Save your grip!

  • light weights + high reps = grip burner

T2B: (15)

“This workout is all about T2B Endurance”

  • Use manageable sets: I like to use descending orders like 6,5,4.
  • Quick knees
  • Don’t forget to alter grip widths
  • The obvious body prep is hitting shoulders and hips but don’t forget about your back and glutes.  Tight back and glutes make torso flexion harder. Harder flexion means faster T2B fatigue.
  • Breath

DL: (10)

  • Save your grip…. although this may be a light deadlifting weight employ an alternating grip to reduce grip fatigue.
  • Play with limited knee flexion
  • Breath

Snatch: (5)

  • Either do 5 unbroken or Ghost riding singles – if you can’t complete 5 UB save energy with singles.  In 5 reps you won’t loose that much time.
  • Remember fast elbows
  • Hips hips hips
  • Hook grip to save your grip
  • Breath

Clean & Jerk (max effort)

  • Load weights first…. then rest :90secs before attempting your first rep
  • Keep your shirt on so the weight doesn’t slip in the front rack and jerk
  • Respect the weight (the best 2 in the world opened with a little above 70% their respected maxes) I suggest (70,80,90)
  • Picking a weight is going to be grip dependent.


Welcome to the open !!! Work Hard but above all Have Fun !!! I wish you all the best !!!