WODdoc Episode232 Project365: Surviving Disc Injuries

I really can’t say this enough. If you have a suspected disc injury contact your healthcare professional.

That being said. If your under treatment for a disc injury today’s exercise may be an option to provide you with some relief in between visits.

To understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, let’s take a look a some anatomy.

Lateral view of a herniated lumbar disc compressing a spinal ner

Ok, here is the broad strokes….. Vertebras are the bones that make up the spine. In between vertebra are softer cartilaginous structures called discs. If a disc is injured its contents can get pushed out (as demonstrated above).  This causes compression against the a spinal nerve and eventually nerve irritation.  Nerve irritation is normally perceived as pain that travels down one of your extremities.

Why distraction works?  If we are able to distract the spine (pull it apart) we can usually provide more room (decongest the area) allowing the nerve to calm. Calm nerves feel much better than irritated ones.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Practice 2 mins of today’s exercise … and hope that you don’t ever have to use it!