WODdoc Episode 246 Project365: 15.2 Strategy & Tips

So we have it. The second card of the 2015 Crossfit Games deck has been revealed. It’s a repeat of last year’s 14.2….. OHS and C2B. This week we find out if crossfit works… are you fitter then last year. Just remember.. fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice…. shame on me. Capitalize on last year’s faults for this year’s improvements.

Rule #1 Protect your hands!!! You have to use these mitts for the next 3 workouts, plus if you rip early your chance of a good score bleeds away.

Rule #2 Pace!!! It is really easy to want to sprint out of the gait on this one. Stay within yourself. There is plenty of time to compete the required about of work.



  • limit breaks
  • recycling the bar wastes time
  • manageable to longer sets


  • lots of small sets
  • coming off the bar really doesn’t hurt us here (recycle time is low)
  • Suggested 3-4 breaks/set  (4,3,3 — 4,4,4 — 5,5,4 — 4,4,4,4 — 6,5,4,3)

Make sure to check back tom for 15.1 mobility and stability prep!!


Today’s WODdocket:


Write yourself a 15.1 plan of attack. Tomorrow … rewrite it on a piece of paper to you tape to the rig.