WODdoc Episode 282 Project365: Front Rolls Part IV: Muscle-up Roll Throughs

Day 4 of front-roll to support progression is in full effect. Guys please keep in mind that although we are showing these in a day by day series the vast majority of us should be spending a couple weeks on each progression. No one should move on until they can show control (consistently) in the previous progression. Understanding this should keep you out of the ER. Violating it is like playing Russian roulette… sooner or later something is going to go bang.

The focus of today is to get comfortable initiating the front-roll on the rings. Although I showed the muscle-up front-rolls on high rings a similar (and safer) feel can be accomplished from low rings (around waist level). Remember these cues while practicing:

  • Once in full elbow lockout begin by tucking knees and feet into your chest like cannonballing into the pool.
  • While in cannonball position press your hands toward your toes – this will immediately make you top heavy and initiate the roll.
  • As your head falls tuck your chin and look for the rings.
  • Simultaneously press your butt up in the air like you did on the parallette progression.
  • As your body topples over stay active and control your decent.


Today’s WODdocket: 

10 mins of muscle-up front rolls (with crash pad and spotter)