WODdoc Episode 292 Project365: What Is Mobility Floss and How Do I Use It?

Mobility floss??? Yeah that big rubber band that people are wrapping around their legs right?

What the heck is it anyway. Mobility floss was made popular by mobility guru Kelly Starrett. What he found was a way to replicate what a manual therapist does with his hands. So what are they doing?  Well, mostly causing compression. Think about it… pressure is applied through the hands of a manual therapist compressing the tissues against other harder tissues of the body and creating shearing force. This force is then increased further when the patient activity shortens and elongates the target tissue.  Well well well now…. by using a rubber band we can replicate the compression and  by using exercise we can replicate the shortening/elongating of the tissue and …. boomshockalal !!!


Today’s WODdocket: 

20 squat flossing using a mobility floss / leg