WODdoc Episode 293 Project365: Better OH Position With Active Shoulders

How many of you out there have seen or heard of the term “soft elbows.” It’s when at the point of lockout overhead the athlete allows their elbows to flex a bit before recoiling them back straight. ┬áThe arms give a bit like shocks or springs on a car.

This normally comes as a result of a non-active back/posterior cuff. To form rigid shoulders and arms we need to have rigid upper back and posterior cuff as a foundation. This is achieved by really externally rotating your arms to fire all those muscles up. The problem comes when we start moving the rest of our body around. That’s when we tend to forget about all the shoulder stuff and we end up loosing tension in the entire system. Check out todays episode to reduce those tension leaks.


Today’s WODdocket:

30 Resisted External Rotation OHS and 30 Resisted ER Jerks