WODdoc Episode 348 Project365: Why Progress

Why progress… I asked this question today to a rather proficient athlete. I meant it rhetorically but the answer came immediate. ..”because I can….” And here in lies the exact reason for today’s post. Because we can does NOT me we should.  Using the bird dog is a perfect example. This corrective exercise gets progressed entirely to fast alllllll day long (to be completely honest when watching the video, mine can use some work as well). As I relayed in the video the exercise is to challenge the torso in two planes of motion. The athlete needs to resist twisting as well as falling into flexion.  The goal is to keep all parts of the torso parallel (squared) to the floor at all times. Basically lock it down providing a solid base for your arms and legs to lever off of.  The problem comes with understanding the purpose of the exercise really… the intent of it. Just because we are able to get our hands and feet off the the mat doesn’t mean we should. If it comes at the expense of twisting our torso like a pretzel we probably are not there yet. Instead we should use “control” as our standard when considering to progress…. Just my thoughts.


Today’s WODdocket:

20 birddogs on each side …