WODdoc Episode 89 Project365: Turning The Cuff On and Off

Lets all agree. Its becoming common knowledge that if we squeeze our posterior cuff (the back of our shoulder) by externally rotating our shoulders, and facing our armpits out, we create a stable shoulder position. The problem is…. a rigid shoulder position isn’t a fix-all. We need supple tissues to move quickly and smoothly. Here is the catch …we need to take those supple tissues and snap them into that rigid protected position in the blind of an eye….  if we can do this we’re golden.

Note: Today is not about moving fast. What we are doing is taking a light weight and practicing (in different body positions) the corkscrewing motion that sets the shoulder into that stable “I hold houses” position.

Key Cue: Think about reaching to unscrew a lightbulb.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 3×10 posterior cuff sets using the 3 positions shown in the video.