WODdoc Episode 90 Project365: Multi-plane Shoulder Stability & Strength Featuring Mike Reinold

Today, almost felt unreal for me. I got to stop by Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. Home of Mike Reinold!… and guys thats Rein-OLD not Rein-ALD. I learned today that little gremlins come out of closets with Babe Ruth autographed bats and bash you on the knees if you continually say -ALD!!! Seriously though, this guy is the man. Former Head PT of the Boston Red Sox, worked under James Andrews (you know the ESPN guy!), and named one of the most 100 influential people in health in fitness. Which kind of brings me to why I know him…. I have been following Mike’s blog, MikeReinold.com almost since it started 6 or 7 years ago. Just a ton of great information on there that really had a huge impact on me as I was finding my path… or professional direction so to speak.  You know, sometimes you’re disappointed when you meet people you have looked up to so long … its hard for them to fill the imaginary shoe. This guy didn’t disappoint so, if you get a chance, make sure to check him out.

What I love about Mike’s approach is that he likes to use a banded exercise as a primer to prepare the shoulder for heavier loads/activities. Keep in mind, prior to shooting the video I gave him adequate background as to how we were progressing over the week … so he didn’t just pick these two exercises out of thin air.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 1 x 8-10 Banded Kneeling Row Press (light band!!! We care about activation not strength here)

2. 2-3 x 10 Kneeling Bottoms-up Kettlebell Shoulder Press