WODdoc Episode 71 Project365: Why We Do Hollow Rocks

Why do we practice hollow rocks?  Let me answer that… We practice hollow rocks to learn the position we are trying to achieve in more dynamic movements.  We find ourselves in the hollow rock in every kipping motion (muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, pull-ups, chest-to-bar). It is the stable position we need to be in to create leverage and move our body’s vertically.

Just a note, today was not about dissecting the move.  Rodrigo is a great athlete but does not have the hollow rock of an olympian… and surprise, surprise he has difficulty with muscle-ups.. especially late in workouts.  All I want us to do is look at one thing during today’s drills. We are looking to see if the ribs flare during the movement.

Here is our contraction sequence when performing hollow rocks:

  1. While lying on your back… squeeze your butt allowing your belly button to raise about 1″ toward your head.
  2. Tighten your stomach like someone was going to gut check you.
  3. Raise your arms over your head
  4. Raise your legs 6-8.”
  5. Initiate rock with love extremity.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 3×10 Hollow Rock on back

2. 3×10 Finding Hollow Rock position on bar

3. 3×10 Finding Hollow Rock position on rings.

Important to note: Today is about whether we can find that position.  We will be dissecting the movement over the next several days.