WODdoc Episode 70 Project365: Muscle-up Test: Have You Earned The Movement?

It seems like everyday I walk into the box I see people tugging on the rigs trying to do the infamous muscle-up.  This isn’t just my box either…. I travel a bunch and it happens everywhere!!!  I get kick out it sometimes.  I mean, lets be honest.  Watching people waggle around like limp strings of spaghetti can be pretty entertaining. I am giggling just thinking about some of the movements I’ve seen.

Then comes the question.. how do I do a muscle-up?  My first response is always the same. How many dips can you do?  I understand some prominent fitness figures disagree with my progression but, listen to where I’m coming from. If you can’t do a dead hang dip.. what the hell does it matter.  Your not going anywhere even if you get lucky enough to sling yourself on top of the rings. I would never enter a triathlon if I couldn’t ride a bike… why?!?!?! because I don’t own all the parts that allow me to complete the race.

Here is the thing. If we break the muscle-up into three components we have the pull-up, the transition, and the dip.  You need to be able to complete all three to earn the movement. I love starting with dips for 2 reasons.  The first I made pretty clear already. The second is safety. Dips build strength and when done correctly, act as a mobility. Strong mobile shoulders shoulders… yep I’ll take a set of those.


Today’s WODdocket:  Dip Test

1. Perform 10 complete dips from a stable surface.

2. If you complete step 1 — Perform 5 complete dips from the rings.

*Dips done consecutively.

Complete steps 1 and 2 and you pass.