WODdoc Episode 69 Project365: Free Handstand Fun

You know somedays you just can’t take life so seriously. Today, was a fun day. Plus, I figured if people were going to accuse me of being sexual…. well then .. this will really chap their ass now won’t it.

The take home points:

  • You don’t need walls to practice handstands… partners work just fine.  This progression is basically a wall walk without moving your hands… so it is actually easier.
  • Make sure the body is rigid.
  • Squeeze the butt to neutralize the pelvis.
  • Brace the core to lower your ribs.
  • Armpits out and press into the ground to engage the rotator cuff.
  • head is neutral (this could a bit better in the video).
  • weight is in the pads .. yes the pads of your hands (thenar eminence).
  • fingers are splayed out

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Find a partner and accumulate 2-5 mins inverted.

2. Laugh… just a little !!!