WODdoc Episode 412 P365: Snatch Technique; Tighter Back For Better Energy Transfer

Performing high hang snatches are great for multiple reasons. I really like using them for development of explosive hip power. ┬áIts a perfect position to concentrate of really accelerating the bar with your hips (the carry). For optimal energy its important to be able to keep our upper body rigid and upright. A common fault we see with practicing in the high hang is this collapse of the upper torso. Sure there are ways to strengthen an athlete’s upper back but sometimes all it takes is adding awareness to it. Watch today’s episode and you will see what I mean. Adding tape is buy not means a fix for a weak upper back .. but it is a great way to make the athlete aware of the fault.


Today’s WODdocket:

High Hang Snatch Practice with a friend… concentrate on keeping a strong upper back the moves vertically up and down and does not cave forward against the weight of the bar.