Spend A Lot of Time in a Bird? | Ep. 39

Point 1: Crossfit is an ever-expanding community. We have the Crossfit Games, which encompasses the globe and now the recent addition of the GRID League, which spans the US, coast to coast.

Point 2: We are not all competitive crossfitters. A lot of us are just plane-Jane recreational crossfitters.   In today’s society many of us travel regularly for work and pleasure but still want to keep up our crossfitting activities.

In either case, at one time or another we are bound to find ourselves in a plane.  If you travel like I do (with the exception of today… first time ever in my life) you spend most of your time in the cheap seats. I swear the dogs have it better in the belly of the plane.   At least they get to spin around in their crates.

Being stuck in stagnant positions for long periods is never good. Our body doesn’t like it. We tighten up.  Our muscles get stiff and rigid. They contract slower and with less power.




If there were a magic potion of injury, the ingredients would include: muscle tightness, decreased muscle reaction, decreased contraction strength, and reduced overall co-ordination.  Boom!!! All things you get when sitting in the same place for 5 hours on a plane cramp up like a sardine.


Today’s Prescription:


  1. Continue Pull-up plan
  2. Stack today’s gems away.  It will be like the swiss army knife of travel for you!


See you tomorrow!




Haven’t Started Yet?!?!?!? …… How To Begin The 30 Day Pull-up Challenge:

  • If you’re using a band: Use a band setting that allows your max effort to be 8-9 reps (you found this yesterday) and begin at week 1.
  • If your strict pull-up max is above 9 rep: Subtract 3 reps from your max effort and begin at the corresponding week (max effort 17 reps – 3 = 14; Begin at week 12: Rep scheme 14,9,8,8,7)
  • Perform 5 sets separated by a comfortable rest (1-3 minutes).
  • Perform each day, Everyday.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!
  • If you are failing consistently (2+ days in a row): DROP BACK 2 WEEKS and continue.

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