WODdoc Episode 62 Project365: Overhead Squat Butt Touches

Today we are covering the second most common fault I see in the OHS. Crossfitters can look amazing with a PVC pipe in there hands. Replace that with a barbell and some weight.. it somehow  becomes a disaster.

This tip is for the sinkers out there. These are the athletes that keep their torsos vertical when initiating the OHS. This makes it extremely difficult for them to get their weight back on their heels and get any posterior chain engagement. This leads to loss of power, knees getting stuck out in front, and most of the time, not being able to reach full depth.

We want to think of the OHS squat as a back squat with our hands above out heads. This means we can use the same 2 inch squat we have used in the past to shift our weight back and set our torso angles (Don’t know the 2″ squat.. check back through the first 5 or so episodes). Torso angle is even more important to keep constant here because it is what our shoulders are stabilizing off of. ¬†If you start moving all over the place here odds are not in your favor. Check out todays tip to help set your torso angle and get proper posterior weight shift and a better OHS.

Today’s Prescription:

1. 25 Butt touches at a comfortable working weight.