WODdoc Episode 63 Project365: Demands On The Hip During OHS

It is easy to be fooled sometimes. Today we are talking about the athletes that descend normally down into the squat until they hit this magical level where their butts seem to be sitting on an invisible chair. They know they have not gone low enough so they continue down by flexing at the torso like someone hit them in the gut.

At first glance you may think it is a torso fault but if you look closer you see they never fully close their hips. I surmise these athletes have trouble in their inner thigh (adductor) region. Tight adductors don’t allow the hips to continue down into full depth.  As tension builds the next weakest structure gives way (This is normally the athletes lower torso) and we get a dumping forward at the waist.

Check out today’s video and spend some much needed time in the laying squat.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test OHS

2. Spend 2-4mins  in laying squat

3. Re-test OHS