WODdoc Episode 80 Project365: Fixing Cranky Knees With Rocktape

Ok, so I don’t love every one of my videos… To tell you the truth, I am probably my biggest critic but, thats not the point. Today, was a bit rushed with people coming in and out like crazy, and I missed some of the actual technique I want to cover. I will make that up tomorrow…!

First, this is just one application of kinesiology taping. So don’t mistake me… there are many ways, and I use them all at one time or another. However, I love this taping, and I picked this application for several reasons. Major reason is its safe and I have never seen it have negative effects when applied.  Another reason is knee applications apply to soooooo many crossfitters. Lets face it, crossfit bangs up your lower extremities and creates imbalances across the board.  Imbalances commonly lead to tracking disorders and, tracking disorders generally lead to knee pain or iliotibial band pain (hint hint for tomorrow).

Now lets talk about Rocktape…


What is Rocktape?

In the words of Greg van den Dries .. the big cheese and head of Rocktape…. Its simply 3 words.  “Elastic Therapeutic Tape”… not good enough for you… thats ok, I got more. RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance (www.rocktape.com).

What does Rocktape do?

In short, kinesiotape does several things. 1) It provide a soft barrier of support… meaning there is no abrupt end feel.  It restricts motion but, doesn’t make it impossible…. I like to say it influences instead of limits. 2)  It reduces pain.  This is based off the theory that pain a perception are carried on the same neural pathway.  So, if we clog up the pain pathway with perception then the pain signal can’t get through and pain is reduce.  Example… smash your thumb with a hammer and you’ll quickly find yourself shaking your hand… why… it reduces the pain!  Google “gate theory of pain” for more info. 3) It increase circulation.  Bottom line, increased circulation means more nutrients in, and more waste out.  That means better muscle performance and better recovery/healing.


Today’s WODdocket:

Apply one Rocktape knee application.  Instructions Below:

1. Cut  2 pieces 6-8″  and 1 piece 3-5″ piece of Rocktape

2. Apply a 6-8″ piece to the lateral part of the knee.  To apply, break off the last 1″ of the backing from on end of the tape.  Apply top to bottom as shown.


3. Apply a 6-8″ piece to the medial part of the knee.  To apply break off the last 1″ of the backing from on end of the tape.  Apply top to bottom as shown.


4. Apply a 3-5 inch piece over patellar tendon. To apply, split tape in the middle. Stretch tape by holding both ends. Stretch tape about 75% over tendon. Do not stretch last inch of each end.


5. End result