WODdoc Episode 114 Project365: Rocktape For ACL Support

I like to make Fridays fun days. A couple days ago a viewer asked about how I tape ACLs. I promised I would respond… Today is that day. Guys it is VERY IMPORTANT that when you see this post understand I’m not talking about taping to prevent ACL injury. There is no taping out there supported by literature the prevents anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL).  This taping supports ACL function.

So what function does the ACL have??


The ACL resists forward translation of the tibia (that’s the bottom bone of the leg pictured below).  The highlighted one above is torn.  Torn ACL’s are unstable and allow excessive forward translation of the tibia. This is bad and not what we are taping for today.



We can injure our ACL without tearing it (sprain). In cases where the ACL is intact and the joint is stable, today’s taping is a viable option. The goal of today’s taping is to create a posterior pull (the opposite way of the arrow above). If we can achieve that we can reduce some of the pressure on the irritated tissue. Thus, reduce knee pain.  Try it out!

1. Measure Rocktape by making a “U” around the tibial tuberosity to 8-10 inches past knee joint on each side.

2. Fold tape and break in the middle.

3. Apply 2-3 inches of tape over the tibial tuberosity… no stretch.

4. Apply each tail up the sides of the leg with 50-70% stretch.

5. Apply top anchor above knee cap … no stretch.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Practice one ACL taping.