WODdoc Episode 94 Project365: The Active Frog

This is a neat mobility that I learned a while back.  I love this one because it is an all encompassing adductor, groin, and psoas mobilization…  not to mention you get a little quad in there too. I really like the way it opens up the groin and decongests the hip area.  Before and afters with this mob are crazy…  especially overhead stuff.

The key here is not the position but the activation. Sure, position is important and we want to be in, or as close to the position shown but, it’s the contract/relax cycling that gives us the bang for our buck. Make sure you’re driving your heels together (even better take your shoes off and press the soles of your feet together). You’re welcome to add a breathing component to this as well… breath in during contraction and exhale during relaxation.  Progress through the positions only if you can keep your hips flat to the floor.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Squat Positon

2. Perform 2-4 mins of active frog (20 contractions at 3 second hold per position)

3. Re-test squat position.