WODdoc Episode 116 Project365: Rolling For Recovery

We spend so much time, day in and day out tackling specific tweaks and mashing those knot tying gremlins. Everyday doesn’t have to be that specific. We can perform generalize rolling. I love generalized rolling post-competion. It’s really hard to apply quality soft tissue therapy the day after comps because everrryyyyythhhhing is sore. Instead we can use large broad rolling strokes to cover big areas. We spend significant less time on each tissue and the treatment intensity is much lighter. Don’t think of rolling muscles today. ┬áThink about rolling sections or compartments of the body. ┬áThe goal is to positively influence both blood and lymphatic circulations so, start distal and work toward the heart.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Spend 2-4 mins performing generalized rolling to the lower body as shown.