WODdoc Episode 195 Project365: Jump Back And Snatch

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Joel Willis co-owner of Crossfit DEBO. I am not sure where to start with this guy. Probably one of, if not, the most GENUINE person I have ever met. From start to finish this guy was all about betterment of the sport and the community…. and just life in general…. I mean, watching this guy get physically excited over little improvements in athletes when teaching…. you just don’t see that everyday.

DE BO … no, not the degenerate from the movie Friday….. DE BO … as in “Do Everything Beyond Ordinary”.  And this doesn’t just apply to lifting weights in some cinderblock building, it applies to life.  Joel’s philosophy expands into school, job, family…. everything you do, hold respect for it and, accountability of it.

And he doesn’t just preach these things he lives them.  I can’t speak forh is overall life but if his CrossFit career tells anything, he’s doing something right. In the last 2 years Joel has been part Team Dynamix, who if you did not know won the NE regionals back to back.



Anyway about today…. I am really sorry I screwed and never turned on the mic. I promise to get back in there and re-shoot this episode.  So much good stuff.

Let me see if I can recap to the best of my ability.

Snatching is all about positions.  We want our shoulders behind the bar when finishing the pull. If done correctly this will make the bar travel backwards. Hence we have to move backward to catch it… Joel relates this to an outfielder making an over-the-shouler catch. However, the majority of athletes let the bar pull them forward during the lift. Forward is bad in olympic lifting… nothing good comes when moving forward… even if caught correctly the forward momentum of the bar must be fought off by the lifter…. which never happens during max effort = missed lift.

Secondly, we need to move our feet from the power position to the to catching position.  I have heard oly coaches say lifts are made and missed with your feet.

Today’s drill accomplishes both. Set up the cones to the outside of your feet (in power position). Concentrate on kicking the cones out as you move your feet into the receiving position.

No jumping forward!!! Get to work!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. At 60% your 1 RM spend 15 mins one today’s drill.