WODdoc Episode 194 Project365: Learn Free Standing HSPUs

Free-standing HSPUs are one of those skills that definitely take some work.  They are relatively new to the world of crossfit, seemly brought on by the GRID league. Personally, I am not a big lover of them. Yes I understand that they are a test of balance, coordination and strength but does that mean in a year or two the buy-in will be 30 sec one-armed planches?


But….  if they are going to be around lets talk about proper progression.  First and foremost if you are not proficient at headstands and HSPUs today’s episode is not the beginning of the road for you!!

When we talk about free-standing HSPUs we are really talking about beginning in a headstand, transitioning for a short time to a handstand, and then quickly returning to a headstand.

The most difficult part of this movement is the handstand. It’s where athletes loose balance and place there bodies in awaked positions which in turn makes returning to the headstand damn near impossible. So here is what we are going to do…. take the balancing portion out of the handstand! By using a wall (replicating traditional HSPUs) we don’t have to worry about loosing balance and can more easily practice the transition back to a headstand.

Things to think about….

1. Control your decent! .. The last thing you want to do is jam your neck.. that takes you out of the game. Also, controlling your decent reduces jarring that may knock you off balance.

2. Think about making your hands and head into a tripod… 3 points of contact are a must is balance.

3. Don’t look at the ground.. look forward, out in front of you. Looking at the ground arches your chest forward which places your body in a bad position. More importantly landing with your head in an extending position is a sure what to kink that sucker!


Today’s WODdocket: 

1. Spend 10 mins on today’s skill.