WODdoc Episode 255 Project365: 15.3 Recovery feat: Becca Day

Super excited to meet NPGL athlete and Team Dynamix member Becca Day. This girl is a phenomenal athlete to say the least. A quick glance at her instagram and you’ll see her snatching well over 200lbs, clean & jerking 275, and deadlifting 450.  In a quick convo today she mentioned just missing a 290 jerk so I expect that popping up any day now….. (no pressure).

After completing 15.3 I took a mental note of what hurt the most and what was really, really tight and sore (besides everything). Becca was nice enough to jump in and help me out. So, here is what we got:

Today’s WODdocket: 

On a roller:

1. Calf mash: 20 passes

2. Side calf mash: 20 passes / leg

3. Quad mash: 20 passes / leg

4. TFL mash: 20 passes / leg

5. Lat mash: 20 passes / side

6. Child’s Pose Roller Mob: 20 passes

7. Forearm mash: 20 passing alternating palm position / arm

****All movements have been shown individually in detail during previous episodes ****