WODdoc Episode 97 Project 365: Burpee Help

Today, I was at Crossfit Klew, the unofficial “largest box in the world.”  I don’t know about any official agency that comes out and measures these places but, if anyone knows of a box larger then 40,000 square feet. Let me know. I want to go visit that sucker. Crossfit Klew is gigantic. To give you perspective, the cargo crates you see in the back are old storage crates, like the ones you see on that big freaking ship Captain Phillips is driving. Despite its size it is surprisingly homey and of course the coaches are great!

Anyway, today we are tackling burpees. This is a goat of mine…  I hate burpees. Especially, a lot of them. The thing about burpees is we want waste as little movement as possible with doing them. This increases efficiency, and lowers work output. Lowering work output is a good thing! Less work means we can do more before we feel like we’re going to kiel over and die.

Here is my pointers:

1. Keep your elbows close to your body and a narrow hand width. – this changes the pushup portion to a more triceps dominant movement.  Triceps are smaller muscles than chest muscles therefore, have smaller oxygen demand.

2. Keep your torso rigid – this is a safety thing and an efficiency thing. Safety because you’re protecting your back. Efficiency because your reducing wasted movement.

3. Jump to your feet with a wide stance – This allows you to push your hips back and makes room for a more extended torso. Extending the torso gives room for the diaphragm to drop down and allows the lungs to fill more completely ==> More oxygen in the system!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 20 burpees for time:  with narrow feet placement and wide hand placement.

2. 20 burpee for time: with a wide feet placement and narrow hand placement (like seen in the video)

3. Which one was faster and which one was more taxing on you???