WODdoc Episode 163: Bar Muscle-up Progression: Tier II

Day two… Tier II.  Here is what we have in store today. If you passed “Tier I” yesterday you demonstrated  the ability to press out of the dip portion of the bar muscle-up. Now we need to test your pulling strength.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Demonstrate a strict chin to bar pull-up

2.  Demonstrate a strict chest to bar pull-up

3.  Demonstrate a kipping/rocking (controlled) belly to bar pull-up


Pull-up Program.

1. Find a band setting that allows you to complete 9 reps of the movement you could NOT perform.    Refer to chart below and begin at week one.

2. If unbounded you could complete more than 9 reps, subtract 3 reps from your max dip number and begin capacity program below. (example max = 9-3 = 6; begin week 1

3. Perform 5x week, Complete each set separated by at comfortable rest.

4. Retest after 4 weeks.

***********************You can do more then 1 movement if needed. Example: chest2bar and belly2bar They do not have to be the same starting point on the chart. Example C2B start week 3 and B2B start week 1. It all depends on where you test out.  ******************************

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.30.38 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.30.48 PM