WODdoc Episode 273 Project365: Squat Technique; Hip Hinge

Yesterday we named the 3 main pillars of squatting. The 3 things I believe everyone must do to squat well and remain safe. They can never be repeated enough so I will say them again.

  1. Midline Stability
  2. Hip Hinge Ability
  3. Knee Tracking

We taught you how to observe midline stability faults and gave you cues for sequencing (squeeze glutes, tighten tummy, butt back before down). Now, we are on to pillar 2: hip hinging. All the magic behind the hip hinge is simply learning to disassociate your torso from your extremitites. We need to think of our torso as a completely separate entity. ¬†Once it’s locked down it doesn’t move… doesn’t bend, twist, kink, dent…. nothing… it does nothing but tip forward. If we can master that we are well on our way to safe squatting technique. Please remember that holding a tight, rigid torso is an ACTIVE position. Too many people think holding weight on their shoulders is a passive position and only their legs are doing work. This is incorrect and the reason why we dump into flexion or extension (from yesterday’s episode) and end on the real pain train.

Watch today’s episode for a fun drill that will improve your hip hinging ability.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 50 physioball wall squats