WODdoc Episode 184 Project365: Staggered Pull-ups; How And Why

Pull-ups are fun right.  But just like anything if you do them long enough the monotony sets in.  Its fun to change things up a bit, and why not add benefit while you’re at it. Today is a fun twist on doing pull-ups.  I call them staggered pull-ups… I am sure someone, someplace has a fancy name for them but thats what I call them. The idea is this, by changing your hands so that they are no longer level you increase the torque on your body. You’re now required to stabilize more through the core and at the shoulder. Of course this increases the difficulty of the pull-up but it is a great accessory movement and will really help you break through those plateaus you may be stuck on.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Alternate comfortable sets of staggered and traditional pull-ups. Note the differences.