WODdoc Episode 185 Project365: Indian Club Subscap Mash

Mobility is everywhere.  I continually say to my patients and athletes that once you learn the concept of how to mobilize a certain region that the tool you use is irrelevant. Today’s is just another example of that. Obviously indian clubs were not invented as subscapularis release devices. But hell, they sure do work well.

The take home point on today’s mobility is, by bending over and screwing the ball into the ground you’re basically scrapping the subscap over the knob of the indian club as the shoulder protracts (moves outward away from the spine). If you hear nothing else just picture that image because that’s the concept.

Don’t Mash Blind … Know Your Anatomy


a5959065 subscapularis-muscle_~MM108026

See that sucker how it sandwiches between the ribs and under surface of the shoulder blade (scapula).  If you look at the picture to the right your will see how you have to jiggle the mobility device way up into the back corner of your armpit. Think of it as sliding along your ribs until you bump into the shoulder blade.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test: OH position

2. 2-4 mins of subscap mobilization / side

3. Re-Test OH position.