WODdoc Episode 186 Project365: Mouse Trap Hollow Body

In the crossfit and the athletic community in general we can never have to strong of a core. In the rehab setting I spend a lot of time re-training core stability following injury. During sessions in the office athletes are at an advantage because I am there providing them tactile feedback… But what about when you’re by yourself?!?…… Here is one of the best feedback mechanisms I have recently learned when training a hollow bodied position. We nicknamed it the mouse trap. Why?!… you’ll see when you watch today’s video.


Today’s WODdocket: 

1. 3 x 10sec hollow bodied holds

2. 5 heel touches / leg

3. 10 bicycle kicks

** Make sure to first perform while pressing your hands into a fixed surface. If you can complete this without setting off the mouse trap continue on with your hands by your sides.