WODdoc Episode 164 Project365: Bar Muscle-up Progression: Tier III

To complete tier 1 we had to demonstrate the pushing strength to dip out of the bar muscle-up. Tier 2 we tested our pulling strength. In each case if we could not complete the movements we were assigned a capacity/strength program. (If you missed these episodes return to 162) Today we are testing our hollowed position. There is a larger demand on your core during bar muscle-ups because you have to stay in a hollowed position longer. Our goal is to maintain a solid hollowed position while pulling our belly buttons toward the bar. We want to create a moment of weightlessness and almost hover as our belly gently grazes the bar. ┬áThink of this as a “floating hollow rock.” ┬áRemember to keep your elbows and tight to you body. This will reduce stress on your shoulder.


Today’s WODdocket

1. Complete 3 sets of 5 floating hollow rocks.

2. Complete 4 sets of 5 low bar floating hollow rocks.