WODdoc Episode 165 Project365: Bar Muscle-up Progression: Tier IV

We finally made it to the fun part. The part that everyone wants to talk about, Tier IV, the transition.   This is where all the hang-ups happen.  Here is your first big tip. Get out your pencil…. If you can’t or haven’t completed Tiers II and III that is likely the reason you can’t transition. Why …? You absolutely need the strength to get your belly to the bar… without that .. we are just spinning our tires in the mud. Second, we need the core strength to control our body while in the air. Without these two elements we are up shits creek so to speak.

Then there is the technical aspect of transitioning from the pulling to pressing positions. That is what today’s drill is about. By far the most common fault is when athletes keep their feet up (in an L-hang type position) as they attempt transitioning.  Here is the cue… as your belly approaches the bar, attempt to sit up… I like to say “find your feet.”  The key is though that your feet must be drawn downward toward the vertical plane of the bar. Important, although your feet are being kicked downward keep your eyes on your feet the entire time…. you will find yourself naturally being carried over the bar.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Attempt low bar transition (if proficient compete 10 to 15 reps).

2. Add a weight to feet as shown in video. This will promote increased turnover rate (10-15 reps with comfortable rest in between). The goal is for the weight to fall flat like a coin.