WODdoc Episode 367 P365: Building Your Squat From The Bottom Up

Happy Independence Day !!!!

So yesterday I said 2 elements were required to complete any movement safely and proficiently … In the previous episode we performed a quick low back and ham check to give us a rough guesstimate of whether we have enough posterior chain length. Today we are assuming you passed yesterday’s eval (check back if need be) and are now working to correct any loss of lumbar neutral (buttwinking) we may have…..

If mobility is not the problem and stability is thought to be the culprit then the first step is to deload the movement and work on reestablishing whatever position we seem to be dumping out of. By squatting down onto a small step or onto several plates we do just that. Here is the deal…. descend down into your squat and at whatever depth you begin to loose lumbar neutral stack plates to that level.  From there spend time practicing today’s corrective exercise.  Slow squat down … deload by sitting on the plates… re-establish lumbar neutral by driving your tummy forward and knees outward (external torque)… hold for 3 secs…. drive out of the hole maintaining that position. When that becomes easy re-evaluate and lower plates as necessary.


Today’s WODdocket:

5 sets of 3 squats (3 sec hold in the bottom)