WODdoc Episode 368 P365: Reduce Back Pain With QL Mobilization

It’s hard to believe that an area we mash and mobilize so often can be short and infested with gremlins butttt it happens all the time. Your quadratus lumborum is a hip hiker meaning it fires every time we take a step. It also contracts just about anytime our torso stabilizes or bends (which is just about with everything but sleep.. and even then when we toss and turn).

Many of the common ways we mobilize allow the QL to stay hidden and all the stretch gets taken up by either hip flexers or lat. ┬áBy keeping our arms down and loading our torso into a semi-bent and rotated position we can maximize the tension on the QL…


Today’s WODdocket:

2-4 mins / side:  lunging QL mob.