WODdoc Episode 166 Project365: Bar Muscle-up Progression: Tier V

Tier V: this is the final progression before attempting unassisted bar muscle-ups. I refer to these as banded high bar transitions. This is basically the entire sha-bang using a band to de-load the movement, minus the dip out. Things to keep in mind.  Just because we’re using a band doesn’t mean anything changes. We still have to pull keeping our elbows tight and back.  Our body’s must stay rigid and in a hollowed position. As we approach the transition our thought is to sit-up strong “looking for our feet.” Remember to simultaneously draw your feet back toward the vertical plane of the bar.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Get comfortable with this movement. Accumulate 15 pulls and 15 transitions like shown in the video. If you feel comfortable enough perform 15 complexes (1 pull + 1 transition).