WODdoc Episode 264 Project365: Get Them Shoulders Back’n Down Boy

If the open has taught us anything this year it’s that ‘dem shoulders are pretty damn important. One of those mainstay cues you always hear daily is “shoulders back and down”… but why?  To make a point without so many words lets follow today’s experiments. Place your back against the wall. Roll your shoulders back and down and raise your arm (palm down) as high as you can. Mark that spot. Now, repeat that exercise but this time shrug your shoulders at high as you can. You will notice quickly you lost some range of motion.

Picture that shortened position hanging from a bar….. doesn’t it seem comfortable… maybe, maybe not but I can tell you that your shoulder doesn’t like it, that’s for sure. It’s because you physically limit your ability to abduct your arm by changing the orientation of the joint.  Now it’s one thing to stretch into a muscular limitation and it’s another thing perform an exercise that yanks you into a limited motion.

Have no fear though we have have a fix. The 4-step pulldown


Today’s WODdocket:

3×10 4-step banded pull-downs as shown in today’s video.