WODdoc Episode 265 Project365: Importance Of Order

Many times we just hope on a box or wrap ourselves in a jump stretch band aimlessly tugging on tissues. I am at fault with this just as much as anyone else, but did you know that the order in which you mobilize plays a role in how efficiently you get the job done.

Lets take a look at the lower extremity. Due to the similar origins and insertions tight adductors can limit the effectiveness of mobilizations aimed at the hamstring. Buttttttt, if we lengthen the adductors first we can maximize the tension placed on the hamstrings. Watch today’s video and try out my little experiment. No doubt you will gain hip flexion without touching the hamstring…. why is this a big deal? ¬†Well its simple, with the adductor out of the way now you can truly lengthen the hamstring.


Today’s WODdocket:

With a partner take turns performing the 2 adductor mobilization shown in today’s video (on one leg only). ¬†Mark any gained hip flexion (in that leg). Then preform a traditional hamstring mobilzation bilaterally. Note the difference.