WODdoc Episode 130 Project365: Banded Prisoner Stretch

Nothing to see here, just two guys in a cold, damp warehouse stretching their shoulders. This cold, damp place happens to be CrossFit Southie, one of Boston’s largest boxes. It’s has over 15,000 feet of workout space and they use all of it with a roster well over 600 members. I was lucky enough to spend some time there this weekend during there annual comp, Southie Showdown and would suggest anyone visiting to drop in and check it out.

Ok, so for today’s mobility our goal is mobilize the shoulders into flexion. We have demo-ed similar mobs in the past using one shoulder at a time. This is a variation using both shoulders simultaneously.  The advantage to doing it this way is it really sucks up all the global tissue tension of the lat. When we mobilize one shoulder at a time, limitations can hide by stealing range from the  opposite side. By bringing both shoulders into flexion simultaneously we reduce any give the shoulder can steal from the opposite side.  Try it out!

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 15 reps palm neutral using poll or rig (make sure to alternate top hand)

2. 15 reps palms pronated using wall